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In honor of Law Enforcement Day, celebrity wedding photographer and host of The Real Wedding Show, Suzanne Delawar, took it upon herself to help two New Jersey police officers capture the wedding photos of their dreams.


Gigi Lopez & Willian Houck got married in early November 2017, but due to weather conditions and timing, they weren’t able to incorporate one thing into their photos that is truly important to them: their jobs as police officers. They met as partners on the force and of course their duty plays a huge role in both of their lives, so they wished to incorporate this into the memories of their special day.


With the help of Khristyn Linton, Isabella Szlanta, Silvana Marmolejos, and Men's Wearhouse Paramus, Suzanne was able to put together a photoshoot for Gigi & William that would perfectly capture not only their love for each other, but also their love for their careers in law enforcement, which is a huge factor in their lives together.


Thank you to everyone who came together to make this possible and a special thank you to everybody in law enforcement on this special day honoring you and the service you bring to the country.


Watch their story unfold below

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Hair Stylist | @beautyby_bella


Men’s Wearhouse (Paramus) |@menswearhouse


Special thanks to Silvana Marmolejos | @silvanamcasting for helping put together this shoot! 


And @epicshotzz_17 & @nanita8503 for assisting throughout the day!